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Look. Listen. Be. is a consulting company that provides no-nonsense training solutions and customized coaching to elevate your interactions and maximize your service, sales & team performance.

With over 20 years in the service and sales industry, Wanda Sitzer, owner of Look. Listen. Be., believes that how we interact with others defines us as much as it impacts the people with whom we interact. Look. Listen. Be. works with management, contact centers, support departments and sales teams to make a positive difference in how your customer interactions achieve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and shape your company image and in how your team interactions improve morale, increase efficiency, and attain results.

Look - review and analyze your interactions
Listen - seek to understand your customers, colleagues & employees
Be - become the very best at interacting: coaching, responding, servicing & selling.

Branding in the Interaction Center

Download Here

Do Your Contact Center Reps Brand Their Customer Interactions?
Are Your Contact Center Conversations in Sync With Your Social Media Messages?

Read what you said about branding in the interaction center over 10 years ago. Compare where you are today with where you were. Surprisingly, the needle may not have moved very far for many of us. However, with the advent of social media and the maturation of the branding industry, marketing departments and contact centers must begin working together to close the gap between our projected brand personalities and what customers actually experience on the phone and online. Download here.

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