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Email Elements: A Better Way to Connect with Your Customers is available in an extended version that provides your customer service and sales staff with the specific netiquette skills and online perspective they need to satisfy your customers when handling emails. The end result? Your employees respond more personally and efficiently, and your customers have positive feelings about their email experience and your company.

For only $4,200 you receive a complete Trainer Guide, Participants Manual and Job Aid on CD. Manage your costs and keep up with turnover by printing course materials on demand rather than purchasing preprinted materials.

- A very cost-effective solution: Look. Listen. Be.'s complete email training program costs less than on-site training. When you purchase the program, the curriculum is yours to keep so you can train again without paying for the program again every time you hire new employees or when current employees need a refresher.

-Flexibility means the program really fits: Program examples can be customized to fit the unique situations your company faces. In addition, you receive 2-days worth of modular curriculum material so you can break training into short learning blocks keeping your frontline productive.

-Your reps learn important customer service skills: Most email training programs focus on the mechanics of email and proper grammar and spelling. Look. Listen. Be.'s program goes far beyond those basics to teach your employees key customer service skills like how to discern a customer's state of mind, how to show real empathy through their responses and how to write effective responses that will evoke positive customer feelings.

Email Elements extended version includes four robust modules:

Module 1: MailMap™ - a simple outline to follow when constructing responses
Module 2: Email Interpretation - an approach to discern and analyze your customer's message
Module 3: Content & Tone Guidelines - more than 10 suggestions for leaving a positive impression and making your responses easier to understand
Module 4: Email Service & Sales Skills - skill models for answering inquiries, handling problems, and inviting interaction

Inquire about optional add-on modules, follow-up coaching, template writing/editing, on-site training OR train-the-trainer services.

For more information about the CD, please contact Look. Listen. Be.

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