Management Classes

Transformative Coaching that Works to Change & Reinforce Behavior

Your frontline holds your customers in the palm of their hands. Ensuring your employees rise to a level of excellence expected each and every time they connect with your customers requires transformative coaching. The right coaching model delivers the right results and inspires commitment! Learn how to change undesirable behavior and reinforce excellent behavior. Provide feedback through conversation, keep self-esteem in tact, build trust, and encourage employees to reach beyond the minimum.

- TRUST your coaching model
- Avoid common mistakes
- Negotiate when it makes sense
- Praise meaningfully & appropriately
- Manage difficult coaching scenarios

Leadership & Coaching - Leading requires an understanding of what it takes to move people forward and behaving in a way that speaks to the vision of your company. Learn to apply a process of inquiry to apply a sense of direction that the team embraces. Apply Transformative Coaching in the context of true leadership.

Calibrating & Coaching - Combine your understanding of transformative coaching with a clear strategy for calibrating calls and emails that meet your quality standards.

Monitoring & Coaching - Learn to differentiate monitoring interactions from coaching interactions and to use both as a force for improving your contact center.


“Working with Wanda is always a quality experience! Her presentation style and ability to connect, coupled with her expertise really resonates with managers and staff. I’ve contracted with Wanda at multiple companies and for multiple functions – sales, customer care, tech support – and you can count on her to deliver.”

-- Robert Stuono, Senior Vice President/General Manager, McGraw-Hill Construction, The McGraw-Hill Companies

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