Read testimonials from customers who've attended seminars, in-house programs, or participated in Look. Listen. Be. consulting engagements.


"Wanda worked with us to create an excellent 'reason for being' statement that our support center can use as a foundation moving forward. She did a great job including everyone in the discussions. Wanda's industry expertise was very valuable in helping us relate to what we do."
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

"I think Wanda is great! Very personable, has great activities and not only answers questions directly, but she seems enthusiastic about the topic."
Weill-Cornell Medical College, Neurological Surgical Team

"I'm feeling much better now that I have this new script. My transfers have more than doubled!"
Allison, USHUD.com, Business Development

"Wanda's the best! She's smart, consultative, a solid designer/developer, a talented trainer, excellent communicator and great fun. Her preparation, attention to detail, and total commitment to everything she does is unparalleled. If you have a chance to work with her, grab it!"
Monica, Impact Learning Systems International

"Wanda is savvy and intuitive. She looks past surface issues to identify the root causes to provide recommendations. Wanda 'keeps it real' when proposing solutions as she understands that a variety of dynamics affect bottom-line results. She works well with top management and frontline employees. I have worked with Wanda several times over the last 15 years and continue to seek her counsel currently. I highly recommend her!"
Wendy, Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Human Resources

"I have benefited so much from your classes and coaching. I can actually hear your words in my head-ha! The valuable tools I have gleaned from you will take me beyond all my expectations."
Cindy, McGraw-Hill Co., Customer Service

"Thank you for making the session easy and enjoyable to follow. You did a great job of keeping things light and informative. Even though I've been answering customer e-mails for a few years now, the seminar gave me a fresh approach and reinforced things I've learned in the past."
Vince, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

"I felt like the information was customized for our agency! Hit all the topics that we have been struggling with."
Donna, Greenpath Co.

"I recently participated in Words & Tone. You did a marvelous job! It was an informative and entertaining training."
Connie, Research Manager, Banker Connection.

"Really appreciated Wanda's style. Established rapport easily and made everyone feel comfortable about participating. Like how Wanda used examples that relate to all industries."
Rebecca, Call Center Manager, Waste Management

"This was an excellent training course and we look forward to attending future classes."
Linda Davis, City of Houston

"Thank you for working with the team on communicating better with our clients. As you can see below, Kathi has already implemented your teachings. She was very excited and thought the session was one of the best! Again, great job!"
Rena, McGraw-Hill Global Sales Team

"I want to start off by saying I got way more out of the program than I thought I would. …Wanda Sitzer's talk made me think about the "little" things. Things like the tone of your voice sets the stage for the customer experience. …Thank you for giving me the chance to attend."
Leah, Limousine 18, excerpt from thank you note to her employers

"Your series was very good, and your presentation was very effective and interesting."
Jena, Johnson & Johnson

"Thank you for the valuable information you presented in today's web seminar on cross-selling and up-selling. Our group really enjoyed it! We found your 3-step process to be just what we're looking for and are looking forward to implementing it."
Jennifer, BGE Home, Director Workforce Development

“I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous job you did in Arizona. That training class was extremely informative and covered many important topics that are essential to any call center. I made a summary of many key points that you made and sent them out the other supervisors. We all really appreciated your experience and attitude. Other instructors have lost my interest within the first 15 minutes, but you kept it throughout the entire course. Thanks again for all your guidance!”
Ara, KPMG, National Support Center Supervisor

“Working with Wanda is always a quality experience! Her presentation style and ability to connect, coupled with her expertise really resonates with managers and staff. I’ve contracted with Wanda at multiple companies and for multiple functions – sales, customer care, tech support – and you can count on her to deliver.”

-- Robert Stuono, Senior Vice President/General Manager, McGraw-Hill Construction, The McGraw-Hill Companies

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