Wanda's Thoughts

Wanda is frequently asked to share her thoughts about employees, training or the contact center industry. Here are just a few thoughts that she’s been known to offer:

"Maximizing the value of a company's multi-million dollar brand rests largely in operations. The message is reinforced, diluted or ignored by the frontline at the moment of customer interaction. In other words, it's either money down the drain or money in the bank."

"Your frontline holds the customer in the palm of their hands every time they interact. You can be the guide that helps agents make each interaction a meaningful exchange."

"NetReps need to know when to possess the nuances of netiquette and emoticons and know when to avoid it. "

"The biggest mistake I see is not involving staff in the decisions that will most affect them. For example, when contact centers decide to monitor their reps' interactions, managers will often establish a monitoring evaluation form without consulting the frontline on what they believe satisfies customers. Lack of rep involvement leads to lack of morale and an erosion of respect for management."

“Managing people and interacting with customers is simple if you apply universal life principles (guiding interaction principles) such as:

*keep your promises  *results matter  *treat others the way you want to be treated  *listen if you want to be heard  *pay attention to the means, not just the ends  *look beneath and beyond  *you’ll never know if you don’t ask  *respect the hand  *dot your I’s and cross your t’s  *follow your heart.”

For more of Wanda’s guiding interaction principles, just contact us.

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